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Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Get 20% off our best-selling shower steamers when you buy $100+ and transform your shower into a spa like experience.

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100% Cruelty Free
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Why People Love Body Restore

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
Hand Crafted Potent Blends
Home Spa Aromatherapy

The Collection

Nasal Congestion Relief

Relief Shower Steamers - Eucalyptus & Mint


Bedtime Relaxation

Calm Bedtime Shower Steamers - Lavender


Morning Energy Boost

Energize Shower Steamers - Citrus Blast


The Body Restore Experience

Watch this short video to see what all the fuss is about.

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Everyone Loves Body Restore

Star Star Star Star Star
Alexis D, Kentucky
Citrus Blast Energize Steamers
"I'm seriously SO in love with the Energize shower steamers! They have changed my life!"
Star Star Star Star Star
Ryley G, Los Angeles
Eucalyptus & Mint Relief Steamers
"I have a new favorite product! These are perfect for starting or ending your day!"
Star Star Star Star Star
Katie C, Nevada
Calm Lavender Steamers
"My favorite way to relax after a long day is with these shower steamers. An affordable at home spa experience!"

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I’m so excited! Can you help me with picking which shower steamer to choose?
We would love to help you in your search for the perfect shower steamer. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
I’m looking for something that will help with my nasal congestion!
Gotcha! Try our Relief Eucalyptus & Mint shower steamers, comes in a pack of 15 and is PERFECT for nasal congestion!
Wow! That’s awesome, thank you so much!
Not a problem, anytime! We’ll also send you a VIP discount code shortly!

How Body Restore Works

Hint: It’s easy peasy, shower squeegie.

Step 1

Place one tablet on shower floor.

Step 2

Crank up the warm water & enjoy.