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Energize Shower Steamers
Great for Morning Blast to Start the Day!
Citrus, Grapefruit, Cocoa Orange (12 Tablets Per Bag)
Calm Shower Steamers
Great for Morning Blast to Start the Day!
Lavender (15 Tablets Per Bag)

Happy Customers

"I have a new favorite product! These are perfect for starting or ending your day!"

- Ryley G, LA

"I'm seriously SO in love with the Energize shower steamers! They have changed my life!"

Alexis D, KY

"I used to love using bath bombs but it's been impossible in New York City. These are the perfect replacement!"

- Vivian F, NY

"I LOVE these shower steamers, they are absolutely amazing! The aromatherapy is amazing! So relaxing and makes you feel so good!"

Lynn F, GA

"I am absolutely obsessed with this product, they smell incredible! They're great to use right before bed."

- Maggie P, SD

"I'm obsessed, I can't shower without these shower steamers."

- Madison E, NY

"They smell unbelievable and they instantly boost my mood and energy every morning!"

- Kimberley T, CO

"I fell in love with these immediately! The Eucalyptus & Mint scent is so aromatic!"

Zoe M, NJ

"My favorite way to relax after a long day is with these shower steamers. An affordable at home spa experience!"

- Katie C, NV

"They smell incredible! Comes in three different scents, just pop one in your shower!"

Trisha P, MN

"The smell of Eucalyptus & Mint is refreshing and makes me feel like I'm at the spa!"

- Julia A, NC

"I've never liked a morning shower, but these are the answer to loving your morning showers!"

Casey T, NC

"The perfect way to end your day and sets you up for the most restful and relaxing night of sleep ever!"

Carly W, CA

"These shower steamers are amazing when I'm feeling stressed or recovering from a cold. This product is amazing!"

Shelby M, FL

"Made from essential oils from the UK and cruelty free! Such a great gift for your loved ones!"

Amanda C, NY

"I got the Eucalyptus & Mint. Super easy to use, I love it!"

- Maria D, CA
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